Voted Best Ice Cream In The Lehigh Valley 5 Years in a Row

Current flavors at 08:50 am, 09/19/20

Black Forest
Super dark chocolate ice cream with big chocolate chunks and real bordeaux cherries.
Black Raspberry
Tangy and sweet, black raspberry makes a delicious treat
Black Raspberry PecaN
Tart black raspberry base with delicious pecans!
Brownie Cookie Dough
Cookie dough base ice cream with cookie dough and brownie chunks
Bubblegum Italian Ice
Bubblegum Italian ice, no bubblegum pieces!
Cake N Crunch
Our cake batter ice cream with cake crunchies and chocolate wafers mixed in!
Cherry ItaliaN Ice
A tasty refreshing tart treat with real chunks of cherries!!!!
Only the finest cocoa goes into this classic ice cream. Experience the creamiest, most flavorful chocolate around!
Dream of the islands with this scrumptious coconut ice cream!
Attention coffee lovers!! If you like coffee, you will love our smooth creamy coffee ice cream.
CoNfetti Cake
Yummy cake batter base with loads of sprinkles! Who doesn't love confetti cake!
Cookies aNd Cream
America's favorite Oreo in our delicious vanilla ice cream. Just like having a glass of milk and cookies.
CottoN CaNdy ItaliaN Ice
This flavor can't get any closer to the real deal!
Dulce de Leche
Este helado es una mezcia deliciosa de caramel, vanilla y leche dulce con jirones de caramel real. Es el sabor de Sud America (This ice cream is a delicious mix of caramel, vanilla, and sweet milk with ribbons of real caramel. It's the flavor of South America)
Find your way through the forest with Reese's Pieces in our divine peanut butter ice cream!
Key Lime Pie
Just like Mama used to make it! Tangy key lime ice cream mixed with real buttery, flaky pie crust!
MaNgo ItaliaN Ice
Refreshing water ice that really tastes like Mango! And oh so creamy.
Marble Cake
Yep.... marble cake! Cake batter base with a rich chocolate fudge swirl.
MiNt Chocolate Chip
Real creme de menthe goes into every tub, along with scrumptious dark chocolate chunks! We keep this pure and fresh and do not add the green dye so don't be surprised! See us in March and we do add a hint of green for St. Patty's day!
No Sugar Added VaNilla
Great Vanilla without the guilt
OraNge Cream ItaliaN Ice
Just like a creamsicle you had as a kid! Perfect blend of vanilla and orange in a creamy Italian ice!
Parkers PlaygrouNd
Colorful ice cream that everyone will love! Made with a cake batter base, M&M's and Oreo cookies!
PumpkiN Harvest
Our most popular seasonal flavor! People start asking for it in August! It is truly a delectable pumpkin flavor!
PumpkiN Pie
Creamy pumpkin ice cream with real pie pieces! It's like sitting at Thanksgiving dinner!
Purple Cow
Moo! Delicious, tart, black raspberry ice cream with chocolate and white chocolate chunks
Raspberry Cheesecake w white choc chunks
Cheesecake base with rasp swirl and white choc chunks
Razzle Dazzle Fudge
Creamy vanilla base with a swirl of raspberry and fudge!
Rootbeer ItaliaN Ice
Your favorite soft drink is now a water ice! Enjoy a delicious cup of refreshing rootbeer water ice to cool off.
Our creamy strawberry ice cream is made special with REAL strawberry slices! The delicious classic just got better!
Swedish Fish ItaliaN Ice
Yep! It taste just like chewy swedish fish!
Swiss Chocolate AlmoNd
Rich dark chocolate ice cream with the decadence of sliced almonds!
Remember teaberry bubblegum? Yep, this is it in ice cream!
Triple Chocolate Yogurt
Yogurt with triple the chocolate punch!
Only the purest Madagascar Vanilla goes into out famous creamy, rich vanilla bean ice-cream!
VaNilla Cake CruNchy
Ice cream with a crunch! Our creamy vanilla ice cream is blended with our crispy chocolate crunchies.
VaNilla PeaNut butter
Our classic vanilla ice cream with chunks and swirls of peanut butter!
WalNut CiNNamoN BuN
Rich vanilla bean ice cream with cinnamon, caramel swirl and crunchy walnuts
WatermeloN ItaliaN Ice
Refreshing watermelon water ice is like biting into a cold slice of watermelon without the seeds!
  • Black Forest
  • Black Raspberry
  • Black Raspberry PecaN
  • Brownie Cookie Dough
  • Bubblegum Italian Ice
  • Cake N Crunch
  • Cherry ItaliaN Ice
  • Chocolate
  • CocoNut
  • Coffee
  • CoNfetti Cake
  • Cookies aNd Cream
  • CottoN CaNdy ItaliaN Ice
  • Dulce de Leche
  • E.T.
  • Key Lime Pie
  • MaNgo ItaliaN Ice
  • Marble Cake
  • MiNt Chocolate Chip
  • No Sugar Added VaNilla
  • OraNge Cream ItaliaN Ice
  • Parkers PlaygrouNd
  • PumpkiN Harvest
  • PumpkiN Pie
  • Purple Cow
  • Raspberry Cheesecake w white choc chunks
  • Razzle Dazzle Fudge
  • Rootbeer ItaliaN Ice
  • Strawberry
  • Swedish Fish ItaliaN Ice
  • Swiss Chocolate AlmoNd
  • Teaberry
  • Triple Chocolate Yogurt
  • VaNilla
  • VaNilla Cake CruNchy
  • VaNilla PeaNut butter
  • WalNut CiNNamoN BuN
  • WatermeloN ItaliaN Ice